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Product updates 414 and 259 General available

  • 2017-08-11

What’s new?

Exact Synergy

In Exact Synergy we improved features of the user interface, such as the introduction of the person hovercard and made several improvements regarding the workspace widgets.

Further, we introduce the timeline that allows you to view shared posts, status updates, discussions, and real-time notifications regarding business events, tasks, and actions. It is also possible to create groups. In these groups, members can post updates, collaborate on documents or projects, share information, start discussions, obtain business event notifications, as well as exchange ideas.

There are also improvements regarding opportunities, such as more filter criteria for search and an improved method for selecting competitors when an opportunity is lost.

For more information, please check the release notes of product update 259.


Exact Globe

In Exact Globe it is now possible to pin favorites to a list that will always be displayed on the right side of the main menu.

Also there are several improvements in the logistic modules. It is now possible to view production orders that are fully issued and received. The calculation for charges and discounts has been improved. You are now able to define whether charges and discount should be calculated prorate, or by the full amount at the first fulfilment of the items of the received invoice.

For more information, please check the release notes of product update 414.


Service packs

For the improvements in the service packs you can check the links below:


Please note that the system requirements in these product updates have changed.