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Online Invoice system – NTCA (NAV) waits until end of July

  • 2018-07-02

In case by 1st July the invocing software is not capable of supplying the data according to new regulation, National Tax and Customs Administration (NTCA aka NAV) guarantees no sanctions if data is correctly uploaded by the end of July.

It can happen that a venture is not yet ready to supply data by 1st July despite they started preparations in time. Due to the inadequate compliency of the invoicing software NAV will not impose any fines until end of July if the represantive of the given company completes the registration in the Online Invoice system and invoice data are supplied until end of July for NAV.

If the company uses an invoicing software that is inadequately prepared, but is capable of supplying data until the end of July, then it will be possible to make the upload through the software until the end of July. Sanction free period concerns the obligation of immediate data supply, the affected invoices should be uploaded to the tax authority until 31st July 2018.

For those who are using an invoicing software it is essential to get in contact with the software developer, who should investigate whether anything needs to be changed to supply data according to the specifications.

On the web frontend there can be found information, FAQ, videos, step-by-step guides. https://onlineszamla-test.nav.gov.hu