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Additional update will become available for The Online Invoice System

  • 2018-07-12

“On June 18 we released product update 415SP9 with the functionality for the online submission of invoices via the NTCA online invoicing system. Based on your feedback, several initial improvements with regards to this functionality, were made available in product update 415SP10 and 416SP3.” – you can read on the Exact blog

As they say: “On July 10th we have solved a few crucial issues for our customers in order to be able to submit online invoices. This is made available in existing service packs 415SP10 and 416SP3. You may update your software to make use of the functionality of these enhancements.”


“In order to further enhance the online submission of invoices via NTCA online invoicing system, we will provide a new set of service packs; product update 415SP11 and 416SP4, which are planned to be released on July 17th” – published the news on the blog.

For more information, see the previous posts The NTCA Online Invoice System in Hungary, the release note 28.556.584 – Product Update 415: Online submission of invoices via NAV online invoicing system supported (Hungarian legislation).