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Support old integration solutions will be discontinued as of product update 417 and 262

  • 2018-09-14

From product update 417 of Exact Globe and product update 262 of Exact Synergy, we will discontinue the support for several old integration solutions. To be able to keep using the integration solutions you must switch to ELIS before that time – as you can read on Exact support blog.

Integration solutions

Many solutions of Exact use multiple products, for instance Exact Globe and Exact Synergy. There are several solutions available to link the products to each other, or to other products. For instance, Exact Integrator for the link between Exact Globe and Exact Synergy, or Exact Word Merge Integrator for the link between Exact Synergy and Microsoft Word.

The following integration solutions are available:

  • Exact Integrator
  • Shop Floor Control Integration
  • Exact Word Merge Integrator
  • Central Master Data Management (CMDM)
  • Exchange Synchronization
  • Exact Service Management

For all these solutions an ELIS successor is available.


ELIS stands for Exact Lightweight Integration Server and is the platform of Exact to manage integration between Exact Globe, Exact Synergy, other Exact solutions and 3rd party solutions.

ELIS offers functionality to manage the different integration solutions from one central place in the same uniform way. It does not matter which integration solution of Exact or from a partner you are using with ELIS. Installation, configuration, activation, monitoring and alerting always works in the same way.

From product update 417 and 262, ELIS is the only supported integration solution.

Benefits ELIS

  • Install, activate and manage solutions centrally via a supplied control centre.
  • Central and proactive logging the possibility to sends an email or create a request in Exact Synergy if an error occurs.
  • Manage all integrations from a single central point.
  • Simple to use and more stable and reliable than its predecessors.

Switch to ELIS

If you are using one of the old integration solutions mentioned above, it is important that you have switched to ELIS before updating to product update 417/262 (planned for January 2019).

For more information, see https://www.exact.com/global/integration-update/ and Getting started with Exact Lightweight Integration Server.