Exact for Accounting

Work with your accountant

  • Complete control of the client and the accountant as well
  • 1 database, 1 interface, equal informations
  • Continuous access to database

Automated processes

  • Automatic bank statement of account loading
  • Photograph or scan incoming invoices and save time.Your accountant can make bookings in advance of digitally stored documents, you should only check the contents of the paper format
  • Set up notifications for payment deadlines for incoming invoices, so be sure you can not forget to pay for them

Exact grows with you

  • Great flexibility. Did a co-worker leave the company and hire a new one instead?  Clear access and create one for your new colleague.
  • Buy new accesses in case of expansion to the existing system. You do not have to make any other changes.
  • Became a group of companies? No problem. Expand your license and analyze a complete group of companies through a single interface.

Large scale compatibility

  • Connect your webshop, your bank account to Exact. Due to this, a lot of processes are automated and do not require external intervention.
  • Thanks to integration you always have up-to-date information on your system, and that helps to make a right decision.

Company group use

  • Exact’s accounting system is fully suited for group companies
  • You can view information about all companies on one interface
  • Consolidated statements allow you to get complete overview and control over your companies