Exact for CRM

100% insight in one system

  • Exact for CRM is a complete software solution to record all of your customer data and communication.
  • The online CRM system offers an organisation a wealth of information. Thanks to document- and workflows, you can be assured that all employees are informed and are contributing to sustainable relationships with customers.
  • Complete control, from customer contact to invoicing.
  • Project administration with signalling, warnings and automatic reminders.

Your costumers in the focus

  • Show your customers how to understand them and their needs.
  • Make your employee productive. Thanks to large and uniform information, you can easily find out if a particular customer has new needs and you can send them an offer, even before they know what solution would be useful for them.
  • Built connects. Increase your employee’s performance by providing them with complete informations. Whether it’s a phone number, an email address, a visit address. It can save a lot of time for them. The time thus generated can be used for more useful things which can count on significant performance gains.

Fully integrated with Exact for Finance, Exact for ERP and Exact for HRM

  • It is central to a strategy based on the optimal management of customer information
  • CRM software provides you with a single source of customer information. This puts an end to barriers between departments that are in regular contact with current and potential customers
  • If you use a CRM tool not only for sales and marketing information, but for HR and support as well, your company will enjoy maximum profit

Complete control from customer contact to invoicing

  • Profit from the complexity of the central customer data sheet. You will find all relevant information under your customer listing. Whether it is transactions, credits, contracts, correspondence, complaints, but it is also possible to create individual categories of documents.  You can search these types of documents by filtering, so you can find all the information you need in a few seconds.
  • Customer related processes (contact, quote, billing etc. ) run in the background with workflow. Thus, if the contact person completes the job, the workflow will be transferred to the colleague’s workflow.
  • Upgrade  the processes of complaints and requests. Involve more colleagues to handle the specific complain or request to see the all informations on an interface. For example, if the complainant employee has done with the job and the next station is the inviocing department, they will immediately be informed about it.  No longer need to send emails, make phone calls or reminders.
  • All of your colleagues can look at the status of a particular process so they can easily inform customers immediately.

Quick insight with the Exact CRM app

  • With the Exact CRM App, you can instantly see the status of your (potential) customers and what your next step is to win that particular customer.
  • With the intuitive app you gain an overview of your activities each day. The calendar instantly links actions and appointments to the relevant account, and you can immediately view all the details you need at your appointments.
  • You can easily create new activities from your schedule, customer or sales opportunity. Per customer, you have direct access to all relevant information such as contact people, activities, sales opportunities, appointments and documents.
  • The Exact CRM app is available on iOS, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.

Set up targeted campaigns

  • Send targeted marketing letters. Filter by sector, size and other terms in your database
  • With the campaign wizard, you can quickly and precisely create new marketing emails
  • Create customized email campaigns with predefined fields

Successful sales processes

  • Have 100% control. CRM software provides you with a single source of customer information. This puts an end to barriers between departments that are in regular contact with current and potential customers.
  • Do not miss a single opportunity. Your colleagues will always know what’s happening to their clients és so they can always contact customers at the right time.
  • Keep up-to-date with customer-related workflows. You can set up automated reports which summarizes or subtends the requested information.

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