Exact for Finance

Make strategic and operational decisions based on accurate datas

  • Exact for Finance offers you complete financial insight. Our financial dashboards and reports provide you with realtime insight into all your financial processes: from an interactive balance, budget and cash flow to checks and auditing
  • Risk management, compliance and control are consolidated in a single financial system
  • Authorise quickly and clearly, at any time from anywhere

Make your business processes even more efficient

  • Finding projects, budgets, or e-mails has never been this easy. In Exact, all information is stored in a central location
  • If you integrate financial and operational processes, you can avoid duplicate
    information, improve cooperation between departments, and save costs
  • You can rely on one complete system

Automatic detection

  • You’ll receive an automatic alert when action is required, ensuring that you can focus on other things in the meantime
  • And of course, you can also set up additional alerts yourself as you need them
  • Stop wasting time and improve quality with centralised master data for all administrations

All management information in one place

  • The best decisions require speed and the right financial information
  • Key issues in the administration are automatically monitored in Exact
  • 5 realtime dashboards: sales, costs, results, liquidity and risk
  • They give you the core figures of the business at a glance

International support

  • Internally, the optimal integration between all locations and head office makes it easy to work across the business
  • And externally, doing business with customers and suppliers abroad is also effortless
  • You can use all major currencies and work with a wide range of banks
  • With more than 40 languages and legislations available as standard, the barriers to international operations are removed