Exact for HRM

Save time with leave and absence registration

  • Let your employees request their own days off; the manager simply approves them in the system
  • Differentiate clearly between leave for holidays, maternity or care
  • Respond quickly to extended absence thanks to automated signalling

Complete digital dossiers

  • Build a complete digital employee dossier, including all legally required information, contracts and other personal documentation
  • Know what’s going on: all employee activities are visible and can be checked
  • Avoid delaying or failing to capture performance reviews: the system prompts you automatically to complete the process
  • Gain insight in the talent profiles of your employees with review and competency functionality

1 HRM system for the total overview

  • 100% trust in your administration: you work with one overview, and one truth
  • Work with efficiency and flexibility thanks to digital workflows and document management
  • Don’t miss anything important with automated alerts and trustworthy real-time reports
  • Share important, accurate information via the intranet, including news on the business or HR procedures

Mobile Self-service App for employees

  • The system is accessible anytime any place via the internet portal, or the apps for Android, iPhone & Windows Phone
  • Let your employees update their information themselves – saving time and avoiding misunderstandings
  • Let your employees request their own days off via the app – the manager can then approve them
  • Offer your employees direct insight in their salary slips and other personal documents