Exact for Manufacturing

Exact Software will get you started straight away. It was designed and built for manufacturing companies like yours and has the solutions to your challenges.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

  • You can optimise your inventory levels with a Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • This gives you insight into your inventory movement. You can immediately see what has to be delivered, what you have available and when you can expect the goods
  • You quickly find the correct product or parts with their ranges. Easily convert order and manufacturing advice into purchase orders and manufacturing orders
  • Capacity planning becomes highly transparent and an easy to use process thanks to the smart graphic plan board with drag and drop capacity planning

Control of the manufacturing floor with Shop Floor Control

  • Exact Shop Floor Control is a module within Exact for Manufacturing
  • It’s the ideal solution for increased efficiency, eliminating the paper flow to and from the production floor
  • Exact Shop Floor Control provides manufacturing staff with straightforward insight into which work has priority
  • It also ensures real-time registration at the workplace, efficiently creates manufacturing orders and offers immediate insight into hours worked and materials used

Optimal quote management

  • Simply calculate, create and manage your bids
  • Create BOMs (stock records) directly from customer orders
  • Calculate the bid price by using a combination of cost and margin
  • Ensure that your processes are perfectly matched and integrated from the bidding process, through manufacturing processes to delivery of products

Trace your goods in the chain

  • With Exact ERP for manufacturers you can trace your products through the entire chain
  • The extensive possibilities for series and batch registration ensure 100% traceability
  • This makes it straight-forward for manufacturers in, for example, the food sector to adhere to the laws and legislation concerning food safety
  • But other sectors also benefit from these functionalities, for example by expanding with standard EDI solutions including Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)

Extended report features

  • Learn more about your relationship between your budget and your performance
  • Extensive instantaneous management information
  • Quickly and easily create reports and use them for further steps
  • Customize the look of packaging, invoices, reminders, and more