As of 1 July 2018, it is mandatory for Hungarian companies to provide information on B2B invoices containing charged value added tax of at least HUF 100,000, issued on transactions between taxpayers.

This information must be automatically submitted with no human or manual intervention immediately after the invoice is issued. Businesses cannot amend or update incorrect invoices; instead they must issue an entirely new document in the event of an error or change. The invoice data must be stored in the invoicing solution for 8 years.


Non-compliance with this regulation can lead to penalties.


Exact Globe, which functionality is suitable for issuing invoices, will automatically to perform the legally required data-supply. For that you first need to register with the Hungarian tax authorities for login credentials that are needed to connect to the webservice to send the information to the tax authorities.


The solution in Exact Globe shall be made available for customers via a service pack for product update 415 by the end of June 2018 and 416 in the beginning of July 2018.


New menu

In Exact Globe a new menu will be introduced in which you can:

  • Define the login credentials that are needed to submit the invoices
  • Define the company information that is needed to submit the invoices
  • Check the status of the submitted invoices
  • Resend invoices that were rejected

Further the following changes will be introduced:

  • A new optional Group tax number field in the company data settings
  • A new optional Group tax number field in the debtor maintenance
  • A new Aggregate contract check box in the debtor maintenance to define if the invoices of this debtor should be presented as aggregate type.
  • Optional set-up for item maintenance – Product code category. You may set up any item assortment for this purpose
  • Extra fields that you can add to your invoice lay-out:
    • Company’s Group tax number
    • Debtor’s Group tax number
    • Invoice delivery date
    • Invoice delivery period start date
    • Invoice delivery period end date
    • Accounting delivery date
    • VAT due date

Processing and submitting invoices

Most important changes are implemented in the processing of invoices. In the print invoice screen, you are able to verify additional data (such as the invoice category, delivery date, accounting delivery dates, etc), before final processing and submitting the data.

During the final processing of the invoices, the information is immediately and automatically submitted to the tax authority.

After the invoices have been submitted a status is received and updated in the respective transaction record. You can view this status in the new menu.

The status of the submission and transaction ID will also be available in the invoice history.