In the first week of December new service packs are available – read on Exact Support Blog. The following service packs can be downloaded now:

Note: The new service packs for product update 417 and 262 can currently only be downloaded by customers who already have these product updates.

Service pack changelogs

Click on the links above to view the service pack changelogs per product line and product version. In these changelogs, you can read per product update which improvements are included in the appropriate service pack. You can also find all improvements of previous service packs in the changelog. So you can use a single document for all release information of all service packs per product update.


In order to obtain a service pack you need to update the software. The method for installing a service pack is similar to a regular update. Instead of the product update that you want to install, you now select the service pack at ‘Release’. For more information how to install an update, please click on the links below: